Ignite 4 Kids is a brand new ministry at Maysville Baptist and is led by Mrs. Debbie Fish.  The ministry began in Sept. 2017 and is geared towards children between the ages of Kindergarten through sixth grade.  Each week the children meet on Wednesday nights at 7PM for Kids Club where the children sing, play games and learn principles from God’s Word.  Twice a month during the Worship Service on Sundays, Studio 252 will meet for a time of teaching geared just for the kids where the goal is helping kids develop a love and desire to learn more about God’s Word.  Then, monthly the children participate in a BLAST activity that is super fun and exciting! 
Children can join in IGNITE Activities at any point during the year. ALL are welcome!
IGNITE Kids Club …Meeting every Wednesday at 7PM 
      Activities:  August 1 – Complete F.R.O.G. craft
                      August 8 – Lesson on Missions, Send Me, Batik Part 1
                          August 15 – Changed into a New Creation, Batik Park 2, Caterpillars Arrive
                          August 22 – What Does God Expect from Me?  
             August 29 – I Am a Promise Night
Studio 252 …Meeting the second and fourth Sundays at 11AM for all children ages 4 – 6th grade
Upcoming BLAST Activities
WATERWORKS & WONDERS,  Sunday, August 26 from 3 – 6PM at the church field.  ALL children 6th grade & under and parents invited.  Please wear shorts & shirt and tennis shoes (for safety reasons).
“The Light Before Christmas”
IGNITE 4 Kids Performance
BLAST Activity Scavenger Hunt
at the Fish’s house 
Making Christmas Cookies
Easter Eggstravaganza Hands On Activity
Easter Eggstravaganza
Easter Eggstravaganza